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Picture this: It was Easter night (April 21st, 2019) at one of the most enjoyable events Gainesville has to offer. As the crew and I enjoyed drinking, joking, and chasing girls, I looked across the way and saw a beautiful woman  that I'd never seen before. We locked eyes and I gave a head nod. She laughed and said "No, you come over here." So I walked over and introduced myself as "Pop" with a smooth hand shake. She said "NO.. YOUR REAL NAME." I laughed and said "Randy", she smiled and introduced herself as Ashley. That’s how I met my future WIFE ❤️We haven’t been apart or missed a day. of talking since..



On April 21st, 2019 the Easter block party at Fletchers was the place to be. I walked outside of the cocktail lounge with my drink and locked eyes with a cute guy I'd never seen before. The group I was with had a friend on the other side of the parking lot. So we walked passed him and stood beside another car. I glanced and noticed that he was starring at me. He waved for me to walk over there but I shook my head no. He then walked over to me, put his hand out and introduced himself as "Pop".  I  asked what was his real name and he told me "Randy." We exchanged numbers and the rest is history. We have talked everyday since that night.



Our Journey in Photos

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