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Pop "Popped" the question



YES! I was completely shocked to open my eyes and see a crowd of family and friends huddled together yelling "SURPRISE!!" All I could see were cameras flashing and a set of white lights that read 'MARRY ME'. I've been asked numerous times "why didn't you cry?" The simple answer is that I was too overwhelmed! The truth is that I suspected Randy was going to propose that evening. But the amazement was the way he did it. It's no secret that I'm extremely nosey and inquisitive. I ask a ton of questions because I like to know what is going on. That evening, I pictured us going out to dinner and him proposing at the restaurant. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined something so well planned and beautifully thought out. 

Back in March Randy mentioned that he wanted to give me a day that was 'all about me'. He said that we would spend the day together and get dressed for a nice dinner later that evening. As time moved on, our schedules quickly filled up and it was mid April before we knew it. Not long after, my mom mentioned that I needed to free up a weekend because it was time for us to take our family portraits again. That wasn't unusual because she is a picture fanatic and we take portraits every 10 years. We agreed to schedule the pictures for 6:00PM on May 29th. 

Soon my Mom started to nag me about what I planned to wear to dinner. Each time I blew her off but she continued to press the issue. Finally, I asked her why she was so worried about what I wear to dinner. I told her Randy & I have been to countless restaurants and she's never worried about my outfit so don't start now. I told her it had been over a month since Randy said anything about dinner so I figured he forgotten.

The next day Randy suggested combining the family portraits and our special dinner on the same day. I thought it was odd but he claimed it would make sense to do it on the same day because I'd already have my make-up done. 

Fast forward to May: ANYTHING that could go wrong DID! Hair appointment? inconvenient time. Make-up appointment? canceled! Each time I passed the bad news along to my mom, she asked for the stylist's number. They both contacted me back within 30 minutes and changing or rescheduling my appointment. So I started putting things together. I figured that Pop was going to "POP" the big question but never in my wildest dream did I picture anything like a surprise proposal party. 

I am forever grateful to everyone that participated in the proposal party in anyway. It was truly a night I will never forget!







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